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The supplier of Welded Slip-on Centralizer will show you how to choose a centralizer

2021-03-24 09:31

The supplier of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that the centralizer, also known as the centralizer, is a centralizing frame installed on the outer surface of the casing to ensure that the casing string is inserted in the center of the wellbore.

Customized Welded Slip-on Centralizer factory
The supplier of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that the use of centralizers in oil and gas drilling can improve the stability of the drill bit, thereby prolonging the service life of the drill bit. Common centralizers mainly include rigid centralizers, integral centralizers, roller centralizers, hinge centralizers, etc.
1. Overall centralizer
According to the material forming form, the integral centralizer can be divided into: integral pipe stamping type and sheet rolling stamping type.
The supplier of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that the integral stamping type of pipe is made by cutting, wire sawing, hydraulic forming and other processes of a round steel pipe, without welding in the whole process.
The plate rolling stamping type is formed from a whole steel plate through cutting, crimping, wire sawing, welding and other processes and finally hydraulic forming, and welding is allowed.
2. Rigid centralizer
The rigid centralizer can freely rotate and slide up and down on the casing, or it can be fixed on a certain part of the casing with a fixing screw or a fixing ring.
The manufacturer of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that rigid centralizers and elastic centralizers have obvious advantages. If casing rotation is required to improve displacement efficiency during cement injection in vertical wells, then rigid centralizers are the best choice. In deviated and horizontal wells, the leaf spring centralizer can no longer support the heavy casing string. If the casing in the cement-sealed section is required to rotate, the rigid centralizer is the only choice.
3. Roller centralizer
The supplier of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that the rollers on the ribs of the centralizer can roll when running into the casing, reducing the running resistance, making it easier to run the casing, improving displacement efficiency and improving cementing quality.
4. Hinge centralizer
The manufacturer of Welded Slip-on Centralizer tells you that the hinged elastic casing centralizer uses high-strength springs to support the casing to center the casing and improve cementing quality.
Features of hinged casing centralizer:
1. Compressed by a mold, the whole centralizer has no welding, no rivets, and a firm structure.
2. It is composed of a single piece of hinged braiding, which can be laid flat and is convenient for transportation.
3. The elastic centralizer is easy to install.
4. With a swirling sheet, it can more effectively improve the displacement efficiency.
There are many types of centralizers. The Welded Slip-on Centralizer supplier tells you that you can consider the model, material, production process, etc. as appropriate when choosing.

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