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What are the characteristics of Hinged Stop Collars

2021-04-17 16:44

Hinged Stop Collars (clamps, positioners) are also called limit rings, stop rings, brake rings, etc. They can be installed at any position of the casing to limit the axial direction of the centralizer or cement umbrella on the inner casing. Slide to ensure that the centralizer or cement umbrella is in the design position. There are three kinds of structures: screw type, fixed screw type and buckle type, and can be processed according to the required size.

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The fixing screw type is composed of Hinged Stop Collars, pins, and pins. The Hinged Stop Collars is a hinge type and consists of 2 semicircles, which is convenient to be put on the casing. When in use, insert the sleeve first, then insert the screw, and tap it in with a hammer.
Hinged Stop Collars must have the following characteristics:
1. Super high temperature resistance; 2. Good drillability; 3. Back pressure resistance; 4. Strong erosion resistance.
When choosing Hinged Stop Collars, you can consider the following questions:
1. Is the seller a factory or a middleman agent?
2. Is the steel produced for Hinged Stop Collars qualified?
3. Does the data parameter of Hinged Stop Collars meet the standard?
4. Does Hinged Stop Collars provide after-sales service?
Summary: Hinged Stop Collars plays a very important role in oil production. When choosing, you must choose a manufacturer with a quality certificate, and never choose a third-party agent.

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