The manufacturer of Cementing Basket will show you: the overview of Cementing Basket

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At present, according to the conditions of the oil wells in each oil field, according to the in-depth investigation and design of the technical personnel, and the on-site engineering and technical personnel on the basis of the original hydraulic loss, the new cementing basket-Cementing Basket has been designed.

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Cementing Basket is an isolation device used to prevent the settlement of cement slurry and drilling fluid during the cementing construction process of the suspended sealing section. The Cementing Basket is installed at the bottom of the suspended sealing section. It is used to support cement in the annulus, which can prevent or reduce the leakage of cement slurry and protect the weak stratum structure to prevent excessive static pressure from being generated by the weight of the cement column. The manufacturer of Cementing Basket tells you that they are usually installed on the casing string above the weak formation structure, but they are also used in layered cementing and surface cementing. Each metal piece on the Cementing Basket can provide while maintaining optimized support characteristics. Maximum elasticity and fluid passage.
Cementing Basket is an accessory for downhole pipe strings. Cementing Basket is like an inverted handleless umbrella. It is composed of hoop, canvas and spring leaf. The canvas is made into a funnel and fixed in the spring leaf. It is an auxiliary attachment to improve the cement surface.
The advantage of Cementing Basket is to prevent the cement slurry from directly impacting the oil layer, to prevent pressure leakage, and to protect the oil layer. It has achieved good results in cementing.