The working principle, function, characteristics and application of Cable Protector

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Working principle of Cable Protector: Under normal working conditions, Cable Protector presents high resistance. At this time, the current flowing through the sheath protector is very small and will not affect the operation mode of the cable sheath. When overvoltage invades, it will not be grounded. At the end of the sheath or the sheath cross-transposition interconnection, there will be a higher impulse overvoltage. At this time, the sheath protector presents a smaller resistance, so that the overvoltage energy can easily flow into the ground through the protector, and the protector itself does not It will be damaged, and the ungrounded terminal will return to a high-impedance state after a while.

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Function of Cable Protector: In recent years, with the development of modern industry, more and more power cables are used in cities. The power sector urgently needs to solve the problem of insulation protection of cable sheaths, and continuously requires the manufacturing sector to provide safe and reliable Cable Protector. Cable Protector can not only ensure the safe power supply of the cable, extend the service life of the cable, increase the economic value of the cable and the transmission capacity, but also reduce the overvoltage of the sheath to the ground, avoid the breakdown of the outer sheath, and ensure the reliable operation of the cable.
Cable Protector features: Cable Protector uses ZnO varistor as the protection element, no series gap, good protection characteristics, and excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic curve. It not only has the advantages of porcelain sleeve type metal oxide arrester, but also has the advantages of good electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, explosion-proof, etc. and good chemical stability, Hydrophobicity and airtightness.
Cable Protector application: Cable Protector is installed between the metal sheath of the cable and the ground. It is a protective device used to protect the metal sheath of the cable from various overvoltage hazards. It can be widely used in 35kV large cross-section power cables and 66kV, 110kV and above single-core power cable lines.