What are the functions of Composite Centralizer

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The stabilizing effect of the Composite Centralizer is mainly to reduce the radial and axial vibration of the drill string elastic system in the hole; reduce the eccentric wear of the drill bit and the drill pipe; ensure the quality of the core; prevent well deviation or manual directional drilling. The structure of Composite Centralizer is relatively simple. It is a large diameter joint with ribs (straight or spiral). Its Composite Centralizer can be divided into drill string type and bottom hole type.

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Control of wellbore trajectory: Composite Centralizer mainly plays a guiding and righting role in the drill tool assembly. The installation position of Composite Centralizer controls the inclination angle and borehole curvature within the specified range, and also makes most of the weight of the drill collar concentrated on On the drill bit, reduce the non-wellbore center force and other external forces on the drill string and the drill bit. With the development of Composite Centralizer and the large-scale exploitation of horizontal and directional wells, Composite Centralizer has become an indispensable bottom hole drilling tool in modern borehole trajectory control technology.
Reaming effect: It is drilled along with the drill string at the curved wellbore or the diameter reduction of the wellbore, and the chamfer at the transition between the lower end body and the working section plays a certain role of reaming.
Resting the well wall: as the Composite Centralizer is in frictional contact with the well wall, it has varying degrees of trimming effect on the well wall, making the well wall smoother and smoother and improving the quality of the well.