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Turbolizer Centralizer From Suppliers

casing centralizer
  • Turbolizer Centralizer are designed with deflector blades. The special blades are riveted to heat-treated bows and are designed to deflect fluid flow in a turbulent spiral. This effect helps break up drilling mud when running casing and improves mud removal during circulation. It provides additional fluid agitation for cementing benefits in critical zones.
    Tubing or casing applications 
    ellbores requiring increased fluid turbulence to remove mud efficiently before 
    the primary cement job 
    Vertical or slightly deviated wells
    Deflection blades increase fluid motion, which helps to break up drilling fluid and improve cement placement to minimize channeling. 
    The bows and deflector blades are made of high-quality spring steel that enables the centralizer to withstand most wellbore environments. 
    All common centralizer sizes have been tested and validated to API Specification 10D to provide reliability and durability during operations. 
    Bows provide maximum standoff to give the best centralization for improving cementing operations and lowering costs. 

Company Info

Shandong Dibo Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2015 focusing in the oilfield cementing casing centralizers’ design and production in liaocheng City. ShanDong Province .China.

We have passed API 10D, ISO9001 International Quality System,GB/T24001 Environment Management System & GB/T28001 Occupational Healthy Safety Management.

To guarantee new products R&D, we adopt CAD. UG design and modular design to shorten products developing circle. With electronic universal testing machine. hardmeter and automatic impact testing machine we could control quality of the raw material and finished products properly.

Our products are widely used in many big oilfields, we are committed to effective and qualified solutions for oilfield down-hole operation.


Turbolizer Centralizer

casing centralizer

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