Advantages of Drill Pipe Centralizer products

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Drill Pipe Centralizer is widely used in life because of its many advantages. Let's introduce it in detail below.

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Product advantages
1. Drill Pipe Centralizer has a welded arch structure, which is used for centering drill pipes in inserting cement operations.
2. The longer bow profile allows the centralizer to be pulled into the restriction and the larger lower reaming naked eye.
3. The bow of Drill Pipe Centralizer is heat-treated in a special furnace to make it have a unique "bow spring" effect.
4. Heat-treated bows enable these centralizers to provide the best centralization and help to run the casing faster.
5. The steel of these bows is a "special" material made of combination or different metals to provide the best tensile strength and the spring effect of the "rebound" bow.
6. In this type of Drill Pipe Centralizer, the end ring has a hinge to divide it into two halves.
7. This enables them to be assembled on site.
8. The bow is locked on the end collar by a special locking mechanism.
9. Drill Pipe Centralizer can be transported in half, thereby reducing shipping costs.