Detailed introduction about Cable Protector

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Due to the breakdown and destruction of the outer sheath of the cable due to the overvoltage of the metal sheath, the ultra-high voltage cable is often forced to reduce the transmission capacity. In order to reduce the overvoltage of the sheath to the ground and avoid the breakdown of the outer sheath, a sheath protector is widely used as a voltage limiting device to ensure the reliable operation of the cable. Cable Protector has experienced the evolution history of spark gap, silicon carbide valve plate protection cover, and metal oxide protection cover.

Cable Protector

The overvoltage protection technology of single-core power cable shielding is adopted to prevent the multi-point grounding fault of the cable metal shield caused by lightning overvoltage and internal overvoltage. Cable Protector can reduce the overvoltage of the sheath to the ground and ensure the reliable transmission of large-capacity cables.
The single-core power cable line uses Cable Protector to limit the induced overvoltage of the cable metal sheath and ensure that the sheath insulation is not damaged by overvoltage. This product can be used for both grounded cable lines and cross-connected cable lines.

Cable Protector adopts ZnO varistor (or ZnO valve) as the protection element, no series gap, good protection characteristics, and excellent voltage-current characteristic curve. It has been widely used in the protection of high-voltage electrical equipment in power systems.