The role of Stamped Rigid Centralizer in life

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At present, according to the conditions of the oil and water wells of each oil field, and the geological conditions of different regions, in order to adapt to the conditions of different oil fields and different blocks of oil wells, technicians in-depth investigation, design and on-site engineering and technical personnel design tools for cementing: Stamped Rigid Centralizer.customized Stamped Rigid Centralizer from China manufacturer.

The Stamped Rigid Centralizer can freely rotate and slide up and down on the casing, or it can be fixed to a certain part of the casing with a fixing screw or a fixing ring. The Stamped Rigid Centralizer has obvious advantages compared with the elastic centralizer. If the casing rotation is required to improve the displacement efficiency during cement injection in a vertical well, then the Stamped Rigid Centralizer is the best choice. In deviated and horizontal wells, the leaf spring centralizer can no longer support the heavy casing string. If the casing in the cement-sealed section is required to rotate, Stamped Rigid Centralizer is the only choice.
The Stamped Rigid Centralizer cementing tool can improve the quality of cementing and also acts as a sliding bearing. Make the cementing tool achieve the desired effect.