Cable protector position of power cable of submersible pump

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1. Conductor

Conductor material is a conductor drawn from oxygen free copper rod

2. Insulation

(1) . polypropylene insulation: polypropylene (PP) insulation is thermoplastic, suitable for use in the environment of -20-100 ℃, polypropylene is easy to brittle at low temperature and easy to aging and deformation at high temperature.

(2) Ternary EPDM insulation: EPDM insulation is a widely used thermosetting resin material, which has good insulation performance and can work in the environment of -40-180 ℃ for a long time

(3) Polyimide / F46 composite film + EPDM composite insulation.

3. Barrier

The polytetrafluoroethylene (F40) film belt has good oil and high temperature resistance,

4. Sheath

The sheath is made of NBR with good mechanical properties, oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and the surface is required to have spline type outer groove, and cable protector is on the outer side of the sheath.

(1) Lead sheath: the lead sheath is made of pure lead or lead alloy, and the lead sheath shall be free from sand holes, cracks and impurities. The continuous lead extruder is generally used, and the continuous extrusion temperature is 290-390 ℃.

(2) . nitrile sheath: the production of NBR sheath is extruded by rubber extruder, and saturated steam is filled in the continuous vulcanization pipe, and the curing temperature is generally 170-190 ℃. Because of the small viscoelastic tensile property of NBR, extrusion die should be used. The extrusion temperature of the rubber extruder is generally 50-75 ℃ from the feed port to the head.

5、Cable Protector

The interlocking cable protector plays a longitudinal force role, and plays a key role in protecting the sheath. If there is no cable protector protection, the sheath will swell and break once the cable is lifted or the pressure is suddenly changed. Cable protector overlaps with the wrapping, with the overlap rate of more than 35%, and it is difficult to control the roundness of cable after installing cable protector, especially the lead layer deformation is easily caused by the cable sheath cable installed with cable protector.