Main functions of cable protector

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Cable protector is a tool for stabilizing underground electricity and preventing deviation. A device connected to a section of drill string close to the coarse-diameter drilling tool to stabilize the drilling direction. Cable protector is an important tool to prevent well deviation change in oil, natural gas and geological exploration drilling engineering.

In China, deep wells and ultra deep wells account for a large part of cable protectors for pre exploration wells and production wells in some exploration areas. Domestic drilling tool manufacturers also develop and develop cable protectors for deep wells accordingly. Due to the complex downhole conditions, the common cable protector has a short service life and often fails during drilling. Improving the downhole working life of cable protector is a key research topic for domestic oilfield companies and drilling tool manufacturers.

customized cable protector

The cable protector can control the well trajectory: the cable protector mainly plays the role of guidance and centralization in the BHA. The installation position of the cable protector controls the well deviation angle and well curvature within the specified range, and also concentrates most of the weight of the drill collar on the bit, reducing the non well center force and other external forces borne by the drill string and bit. With the development of cable protector and the exploitation of a large number of horizontal and directional wells, cable protector has become an indispensable bottom hole drilling tool in modern wellbore trajectory control technology.

Reaming function of cable protector: it drills with the drill string at the curved borehole or borehole shrinkage, and plays a certain reaming function at the chamfer between the lower body and the working section.

The cable protector can smooth the well wall: during the friction contact between the cable protector and the well wall, it can trim the well wall to varying degrees, so as to make the well wall smoother and improve the well quality.